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Have you always wanted to start your own football club and lead it toward success?

Install Football Empire for free and launch your career as a football manager! Develop your success strategy and create your empire out of nothing.


Football Empire -

Football Manager 2018

Launch your managerial

career today

Let us show you how you can train your players and improve them. Find out what it means to be a football manager each day.

Experience the fascination of football

Make strategic decisions and construct new buildings on your club grounds. Manage the training and the recreation of your players on their path to world stardom. Launch your managerial career today and let us show you how to lead your team to success!


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Manage training sessions, recreation, tactics, lineups and your club grounds.

Watch as your heroes from the pitch become international stars.

Be proud of your team and club grounds — your Football Empire.

Create your own Football Empire!

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